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One of the most uncommon windows in North America, tilt and turn windows are actually very popular in Europe. It’s different from many of the windows in Canada because instead of separate locks and cranks, it’s simply fitted with one large handle. Tilt and turn windows come with unique roto hardware that’s placed inside the window itself, allowing for easy operation and extremely tight seals, in addition to unparalleled longevity.
Many are surprised to learn how convenient and simple it is to operate, clean, maintain, and even use these windows as a fire escape. Once the handle of the tilt and turn window is inside the room, it delivers constant airflow. This allows the hot air inside to easily escape, and cool fresh air to flow inside. In cases where you want a little extra airflow, you can swing the entire window inside your house, much like you would a door. This allows for increased airflow, and you can even use it in a fire escape during emergencies.
Even though tilt and turn windows aren’t the choice of many Canadians, the benefits that they provide are undeniable. Smart Choice Windows and Door Systems Inc. can install tilt and turn windows in your home with ease, to afford you all of the benefits.

features you will be able to take advantage of include

Better air seals

Traditional windows are much more prone to air and water leakage, because of their lack of air seals and poor quality. Tilt and turn windows generally have much better quality air seals, creating an airtight window.

More secure

The external hardware of a tilt and turn window looks simple, but the internal locking system is much more complex, with multiple locking points. The inward tilt of the window allows the window to remain open while making it difficult for unwanted guests to move it from the outside.

Easy cleaning

Anyone who cleans the windows in their home regularly can tell you what a hassle it can be. It’s rare that the design of a home fixture can actually make it easier to clean, but tilt and turn windows are one of the rare cases where it does. Because of its innovative design, owners are able to clean both the interior and exterior of the windows with ease, from inside their house. The seasonal chore of climbing up a ladder to clean your windows can become a simple task when you have tilt and turn windows.

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